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GCG Asia plans to expand into US, East Asian markets

A planned launch in Singapore was withdrawn due to pandemic conditions.

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Perencanaan bisnis/ilustrasi
Perencanaan bisnis/ilustrasi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA --  GCG Asia has plans plans to push forward to modernise the luxury shopping experience by incorporating the latest technology into its operations including artificial intelligence.  The leading luxury fashions distributor and retailer announced in an official announcement a couple days ago that Dewi Gunawan has been appointed as GCG Asia Designs CEO to helm the expansion into the US and East-Asian markets. 

"Today’s customers are very demanding and emerging markets like Vietnam and Cambodia offer us an incredible opportunity to stake a claim and lay the groundwork. Our calling card is a highly personalized style and choices, and I believe that using data and intelligence will give us insights into customer needs and will identify relevant buying trends that will be a key driver for sales," said GCG Asia Designs CEO, Dewi Gunawan, in the official statement, Tuesday (31/8).

For almost two decades, GCG Asia Designs Group was a pioneer in distributing high fashion designer wear in South East Asian markets particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. GCG Asia Designs Group now distributes and retails over 100 designer fashion and lifestyle in six countries mainly in capital cities in Asia. In 2020 GCG Asia Designs Group branched into the food and beverage sector with the launch of a high-end café chain in Kuala Lumpur. 

However, a planned launch in Singapore was withdrawn due to pandemic conditions. Gunawan admitted the GCG's withdrawal was a setback.  

"2020 was a challenging year for GCG Asia Designs Group. We had to hold back on a lot of plans but with 2021 now in the third quarter, we are taking perspective. We took it as an opportunity to review and pivot to areas where we had neglected. We made a big push into online sales, e-commerce and digitalized our services including transforming our customer service. We are in a stronger position now than before 2020. As CEO I will cement this transformation for the next decade of growth," said Dewi.

The new CEO of GCG Asia Designs also revealed that the group will launch an upcoming online fashion AR experience to highlight Indonesian-based sustainable fashion brands under their stable. "The showcase will highlight Indonesia’s continued innovation in eco-friendly and sustainable textiles and fabric development.  We want to show how textiles and fabrics can be used to create new concepts and raise awareness, demonstrating how the link between the local textile industry and fashion designers can write a new chapter in Indonesian style," said Dewi.


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