Saturday, 3 Zulhijjah 1443 / 02 July 2022

Saturday, 3 Zulhijjah 1443 / 02 July 2022

3 Zulhijjah 1443

Islam with European "standard"

Senin 29 Aug 2016 12:30 WIB

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Ikhwanul Kiram Mashuri

Ikhwanul Kiram Mashuri

Foto: Republika/Daan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, A couple days ago, there was an interesting article published by al Sharq al Awsat, titled “Islam bimaqoyisi Aurobiyah” aka “Islam with European Standard”. The writer, Sawsan al Abtah, didn't intent to deliver variation of Islamic teachings. Not at all.


As religion and teaching, Islam stays the same from time to time, all across the globe. There were no such a version like Indonesian, Arabic, American, or even European standard, and so on.


What he tried to explain was how Muslim that come from all over the world could live peacefully in Europe. To be precise, how they could adapt and live harmoniously with locals whom have different value, culture, and law.


Since numbers of Muslims living in the European countries tend to keep on rising, this case is important to be discussed, according to the Middle East analist. In Germany and France, for instance, live more than 10 million Muslims.


Half of them were born in their homeland. Many of them are youngster or at productive age. If they were well managed, they should be able to give contribution to the nation. Otherwise, their presence would be a disaster.


Several countries have already begun Muslim and European assimilation effort. Politicians, academics, activist, and Islamic expert have meet and discussed about it many times. They want to find new path, which enabled European to accept million of Muslims without becoming “Muslim country” or lessen their value and identity as democratic-secular European nation that support of human rights.


The idea was bright, but it's not as easy as it seems. The obstacle could rise from Muslim society itself. Take France, for example. There were many news about Muslim complaining their provocative imam and Friday's preacher. Those spiritual leaders come from several Arabic countries. They preached as if they were in Maroocan, Algeria, Egypt, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi's mosques.


What will happened if the imam didn't understand Franch culture, language, and values? Let say, they encourage qisas or explaining about countries that has been punished by God because most people living there denied Allah SWT and His messengers.


That kind of radical preach has made 20 mosques being closed in France. Many more could face the same fate. According to the authority, cited by al Abtah, nowdays there are more than 300 imams teaching religion in 2.500 mosques. They only knew Arabic and didn't understand local culture.


Other obstacle was about funding. Could Muslims in France receive donation from abroad? If it's prohibited, what will be the solution? Should French Muslim have to fund their own religious activities? From selling hahal meat, perhaps? If it's not possible, would France funds religious institutions?


Now, let's take a look Muslim's condition in Germany. They are doing quite alright there. For the first time in country's history, German Counsellor admited Islam as part of Germany. Angela Merkel is showing herself as the cancellor for every citizen, regardless their religion and origin, as long as they obeying the rule and Germany democatic value. No wonder if German has acceptted more than 1 million refugee from Arab/Suriah through the year.


Germany social democratic party also showing acceptance to Muslim. They suggest every school to teach Islam, as other religion too. That kind of treatment made Muslims family don't have the need to send their kids to educational institution that beyond the government control.


To provide adequate amount of teachers, Some universities has been appointed to train candidates whom will be teaching Islam at school. Alumni of those universities and institution has the Islamic-Germany or even European standard.


Islam with European “standard” policy had been adopted by other European countries, such as France. They hope Muslim—with their increasing number of population—could mingle and live harmoniously with locals. Looking far to the year of 2025, Muslim in France estimated will reach 25 percent of it's total citizen. In European Union as a whole, the number will be up to 20 percent in 2050.


Discussion or policy about Islam with European standard has become more and more urgent after the terrorist attack in European land. There were only small number of Muslim that went to the wrong path, but the whole population get the blame. The case was much more heavier when Islamophobic arose.


The real fact is, there isn't just one group of Muslim living in Europe. They come from different countries with different background. They had their own community. But, they would felt living in the same boat when anti-Islamic movement or Islamophobia arose. The feeling of being victimised can triggered them do unpredictable things.


Not to mention, socially and economically, Muslim communities across Europe are classified as “second-class citizen”. They felt marginalized. Groups of terrorist often exploit that kind of feeling.


Several Muslim from French who joined ISIS are known not as “an obidient one”. The feeling of being marginalized then grown their sympathy to ISIS and seduced them to join it. Take a look at those who joined ISIS, they are no longer keeping their beard and not often going to the mosque.


They looked like ordinary people who went to one club to another, drank liqour, and danced with girls. They even familliar with drugs.


The latest news confirms, there were around 31 thousand ISIS's woman has given birth. French girls were among them. If someday, they return to France with their kids, they will return as ISIS warrior. Having been brainwashed, they will only knew Muslim or unbeliever.


They might be small in number, but it could be very dangerous if they are treated wrongly. It could get worsen if the decision was made based on that small population to represent all Muslim. The signs can be seen when burkini bans at several beach in France gained pro-contra. Further more, they applied fine to those who wear burkini at certain beach.


Some parties saw this ban as an attack to all Muslim, not only to those who had to pay a fine. Some of them considered the ban as a violation of France national motto: freedom, equality, and fraternity. These little things often interupt assimilation process. Therefore, there must be a holistic and indepth review. It can't be done partially.



The point is, how to make Muslim citizen able to blend with other Europeans. They must pay their loyality to the country that they live in. Of course, their identity can not be erased and their freedom to practice their own believe must be guaranteed. This is what “Islam with European standard” is all about. This is what makes people across many European countries are busy talking about.

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