Saturday, 3 Zulhijjah 1443 / 02 July 2022

Saturday, 3 Zulhijjah 1443 / 02 July 2022

3 Zulhijjah 1443

Republic of supporters

Jumat 08 Apr 2016 15:15 WIB

Rep: Aldian Wahyu Ramadhan/ Red: Julkifli Marbun

Nasihin Masha

Nasihin Masha

Foto: Republika/Daan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By Nasihin Masha

Football supporters, in the extreme, only has two rules: support or abuse. Support anything that is done in your team and deriding what the opposing team.

This depiction limb would appear if the two clubs become eternal enemies. For example in Indonesia today is between supporters of Persija and Persib. At the international level was between supporters of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Back in the UK between the supporters of Liverpool and Manchester United. They are not just teasing, but also physical fights.

There are indications that the Indonesian political supporters entering the field of politics. Supporting that we want and revile that we reject. It does not matter because what is important is the substance I was on which side. In the next stage is who is at most the crowd. These were the winner.

Political phenomenon is starting to feel the fan club since social media presence. The presence of Facebook, Twitter, and others-to a more limited public, know each other, and better quality also occurred in social media, such as Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, and others-that sort of makes everyone could connect.

There should know and not necessarily clearly identified. He could be across the ocean, but also the neighbors next door. Occurred democratization of public space. The discussion is relatively not require a moderator. Similar to the crowd, but it was recorded.

In the early presence of social media-with-his-netizens is expected to be an alternative democratization of opinions and information. Therefore, born citizen journalism, everyone can be a journalist. This was in line with the easily create news portals on the Internet.

They-citizen journalist or netizen-expected to be a counterbalance to the "official media" owned by corporations and investors. Official media often stigmatized has lost its independence because it has become a tool owners, for the sake of politics or business. However, the flexibility of this internet world-either through social media and news portals-has made this alternative currents entering a phase that harm him.

Social media has spawned buzzer, the person who can influence public opinion because it has a lot of followers. Buzzer is believed and heard their opinions and make others respond.

We know a number of world-famous names social media. Initially, the company sees this as an opportunity to promote covertly. The buzzer also began to see that he could effectively influence the political opinions of choice and his followers.

As in the "real world", the talk of mouth can spread and affect the public. The world medsos were so-called viral, a kind of virus that breed quickly. Due to the nature of information technology calculative, then the viral effect can be calculated. Complete psychographic and demographic data.

Finally, social media has become an effective political tool. This is supported by the fact that the Indonesian population are young and one of the highest in the world social media.

Something is tempting certainly invite irregularities. The buzzer is partly to be "paid player." They also created the accounts of ghost-one person can have multiple accounts with different names. They can also organize another buzzer to be subagent. They become a kind of force, which we know as cyber troop or cyber army.

Where is the deviation? First, they did not honestly make the disclaimer that he is a campaigner X. Second, the presence of a ghost account to make the hubbub of conversation becomes apparent. Third, to support a conversational tone so in tune with the goals to be achieved they will block the accounts give voice to dissent. Sometimes there are one or two left to deliberately bullied, while others blocked.

The phenomenon affects not only political supporters cyber world, but are becoming increasingly common. Pollster-the pollsters, academics, artists and other celebrities figures-have also lost a fair attitude.

We've been reminded by Gus Dur on "intellectual idiocy." Strong criticism was aimed at an academic who allegedly hired by the government to influence public opinion. At that time we abuzz criticize him. However, now it has become a common phenomenon. This is certainly a setback. Although not publicly known, from the whispers we know that he was hired by the Y, for example.

There is nothing wrong with the polling group, but the absence of a disclaimer that he was hired by a person or institution would face an ethical problem. The same thing also happened artists, academics, intellectuals, journalists, and famous figures and other influential.

They actually just paid player, was even involved in a power play itself. No politicians or financiers behind. Finally, the holders of power and funds are also being controller.

The growth of political supporters like this makes the public space is distorted. Political supporters have made the awakened consciousness be manipulated. However, we recognize that we can not go against the flow of time. Only, at the time of any honesty and fairness are values ​​that never change.

In 10 years, we have lied by political polling. Now we are getting into the political supporters. Changes so fast. However, the clothes will be worth anything if we agree on the values ​​which are the basis of our lives.

Democracy requires equality indeed, but true democracy can only grow from being fair and honest. Democracy can not live out of hiding. Democracy is a system built in a brighter room.

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