Wednesday, 30 Zulqaidah 1443 / 29 June 2022

Wednesday, 30 Zulqaidah 1443 / 29 June 2022

30 Zulqaidah 1443

The guest is police general

Selasa 12 Apr 2016 10:34 WIB

Rep: Aldian Wahyu Ramadhan/ Red: Julkifli Marbun

Ahmad Syafii Maarif

Ahmad Syafii Maarif

Foto: Republika/Daan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By Ahmad Syafii Maarif

On March 31, 2016 afternoon at home Nogotirto Elegant 2, accompanied by two activists Muhammadiyah, I am be visited of important guests: police generals. Almost 90 minutes we talked about various problems of the nation, such as Densus 88, the relationship of police and TNI, as well as problems Siyono death.

Among the visit was Commissioner General Police Dr Tito Karnavian, Head of the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) new Police Brigadier General Eddy Hartono, head of Detasemen 88, Brigadier General (Ret) Suya Dharma, former kadensus, and some middle-ranking officers other policemen, mostly from detective division.

Among the oldest police generals I know is Surya Dharma which has been dealing with terrorism for many years, including almost gave his life to an event in Palembang. With Tito's been a long time well known, but seldom met.

As with Eddy as kadensus 88, the evening that I met. This is Eddy’s SMS I receive, "Ass.Wr.Wb.. apologize in advance Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Syafii, if we want to stay in touch pleased with this afternoon at the Prof residence Prof, we plan together with the Head BNPT, Mr. Surya Dharma, thanks Prof (Eddy Hartono). "

It was, I was so honored by this kadensus, whereas the professor was already in the position of emeritus (retired professor), which is not comfortable-like attention to teaching because the branch has become illegal everywhere, do not focus anymore. In my twilight age, of course I am grateful to be attended by important officers. Therefore, two days later they visit the homes Chairman of DPD Irman Gusman along with his staff.

As officials, they certainly did escorted by a police car on duty for it. Typically, the community is already aware of the where the guests were moved because it was repeatedly apply. Sometimes the guests to leave a deposit for me, but never changed my attitude as an elder independence. They seem to really understand my stance was.

Discussion was opened by the Commissioner General Tito about the purpose of the visit, which asks for input and suggestions for the performance of the police, particularly in addressing the problem of terrorism, which has long alarmed the community at large. The generals have apparently already known my attitude to deal with the terrorists as adherents of a theology of death: "Courage to die because afraid of life'' as often quoted by Republika since 10 years ago.

Even theology embraces death, arrest of terrorist suspects should not be arbitrary, must go through the correct legal procedures and human. This kind of approach is sometimes questioned the public's Special Detasemen 88.

That terrorism is the enemy of humanity, we must agree on, especially if it carries the flag of Islam. That the spread of terrorism since 2001 could not be separated from the foreign policy of the United States neoimperialism, also can not be ruled out. I've more than once wrote about this phenomenon.

By the time my turn to ask the Commissioner General Tito regarding Santoso groups in Poso that has not been broken for 17 years, the answer given is noteworthy. Tito admitted that since the separation of the police and armed forces in 1998, Brimob combat capability to "play" in the mountains is already weakened, even to urban areas, they are still formidable. The phrase "play" I quote from Tito, as pleasing to the ear, even if dealing with death for those who are facing each other.

According to Tito, his ability to attack the terrorists should not be underestimated as they continue to learn how to deal with the security forces. "TNI," Tito said, "Very well trained to fight in the mountains, such as Papua and Poso."

That is why the police need military assistance to "subdue" the enemy in the mountains, even though they in fact are our own brothers who felt right at backslide.

Many other records that could be derived as a result of talks with the generals police, but certainly not all be said here. That afternoon I quote back the assertion Surya Dharma delivered to me a few years ago.

"As long as social justice does not become a reality in Indonesia, killing a terrorist can bear 1.000 other terrorists." Warning Surya Dharma should properly be considered by our country seriously. Of course, external factors also play for the recurrence of terrorism in Indonesia. 

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