Wednesday, 30 Zulqaidah 1443 / 29 June 2022

Wednesday, 30 Zulqaidah 1443 / 29 June 2022

30 Zulqaidah 1443

Yuyun’s grief, our wound

Ahad 15 May 2016 07:31 WIB

Rep: Rr Laeny Sulistyawati/ Red: Julkifli Marbun

Asma Nadia

Asma Nadia

Foto: Republika/Daan


The national media recently report the news about sexual crime cases that happen onYuyun, a 14 year old girl who was raped and murdered by youths in Bengkulu. Post mortem showed that the victim was raped although she has passed away. In fact, there are perpetrators who repeat his actions up to two to three times. They then tie up and dispose of her body without cloth to ravine with depth up to 5 meters. This tragic incident should trigger significant changes in order not to repeat. In short, with thick red ink and underlined: there must be no next Yuyun.

What happened to Yuyun reminded again how women are particularly vulnerable to be victim of violence. Penalty for perpetrators who rape are relative lighter punishment should be replaced with a maximum penalty, for example jailed for life. Even, perhaps the death penalty, especially in cases of rape, causing death. Especially for pedophiles, because this is a disease, the idea of castration and put the chip can actually be considered to be applied. So that they can no longer prowl the rest of his life.

The enforcement of justice is very important. If rape victim who experienced trauma, trauma or heavier very deserve given to the offender. Moreover, most of the perpetrators have  tendency to repeat their crimes when they feel safe and unpunished.

National commission of woman noted, there are 16 217 cases of violence against women in 2015 and expected this number will be doubled if all the victims dare to report themselves. Similar cases will continue to grow if the threat of punishment of the perpetrators is not worth or no deterrent effect.

What happen to Yuyun also confirmed the dangers of alcohol liquor.

Rapists of student in Bengkulu drank four liters of wine before doing was immoral behavior. Once again, proved to alcohol not only harm themselves with 200 of diseases that caused by alcohol, but potentially great harm to the environment.

Alcohol also has often become the forerunner of vandalism, public disorder, assault, rape, and even assasination. Therefore, before the drunks making damage, there should be legal action for his own drunken activities, particularly those who consume illegal alcohol. At least, the punishment will make those who consume alcohol was recorded and monitored. Without waiting for them doing mischief, then later acted.

Therefore, it could too late and the victim increases.

Distribution of liquor is supposed to be monitored more closely.

Behavior of leaders and figures should also be kept. Do not allowed to show themselves drink alcohol liquor in public. For those who have a strong self-control it is perhaps harmless, but on the contrary for they are still unstable.

A friend once grumbled, "Japanese people sleep when drunk, but if you are here just a little drunk already forget your self and disturbing people!"

For the record, although not intrusive, drunk still acts detrimental.

World Health Organization (WHO) record every year, more than three million people died of alcohol. Every 10 seconds, the death occurred due to the influence of alcohol. Mortality due to alcohol consumption is far exceeds the combined victims of AIDS, tuberculosis, and violence. In America, recorded every day 30 people passed away due to drivers who are affected by alcohol, or the equivalent of one person dying every 51 minutes. Every year, there are 80 thousands people who died of alcohol.

And, totally, the number was far greater than Vietnam war casualties.

In some countries, such as India and China, since it’s economic progress, increased alcohol consumption was recorded. Without regulatory restrictions, the same trend will happen also in Indonesia.

Proven alcoholic drinks are available at the minimarket scattered to the corners that deployed in remote area. If left strict monitored, absolutely it can be very dangerous.

What is coming back Yuyun also raises awareness about the dangers of pornography. Yuyun’s rapist recognizes often see porn videos.

Biologically, most teens who are already experiencing puberty at the age of 13 years, have biological need. Mature age in Islam (baligh) is adult sizes. Positive activities, religious teachings, and strong education can reduce that tendency until the age of marriage. However, stimulation of pornographic videos and pornography will destroy the fragile stronghold of young children.

If the access to porn videos from the outside via the Internet still can not be inhibited, at least Film cencorship agency (LSF) and commission of Indonesian broadcasting (KPI) can oversee television and movie to avoid pornography and moral decadence.

Yuyun’s tragic incident, I'm sure it's revolting parents in the country to assess more functions and roles of parents, family, religion, and education. Children will be even further away from moral values if not given guidance. Education and appropriate protection hopefully can be able to keep the younger generation in order not to fall into the perpetrators or become the victims.

Yuyun has gone. Many guilty feeling in this universe accompaniment her. When people do not respect and rending your little body, may Allah accept with the loving.

Hopefully sorrow of Yuyun’s family, God replace it with heaven. Forgive our negligence, wound, and grief upon you. May your journey be force momentum that gives us maximum power to do more to protect, keep and, educate the children of Indonesia.

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