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Welcome Chinesse Food Beppu Menkan at Jakarta


Korean Food

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Beppu Menkan is known for their famous noodles and soups, and are extremely popular in Hong Kong as they serve hearty and delicious hot bowls of ramen wherein you can even pick your level of spiciness from level 1(mild) to level 8 (not for the faint-hearted).
If you feel like a bit of everything in your ramen, then we definitely recommend the Beppu Menkan Ramen that has beef, seafood, eggs, vegetables in their signature Kyushu soup. Furthermore, depending on your mood you have almost 20 different types of Ramen to choose from such as Buttercorn, Miso, Mushroom, Wagyu , Tempura and the list goes on.
But aside for their creative Ramen selection, Beepu Menkan is actually a really good place to enjoy a casual Japanese dining experience. They serve up really delectable selections of Bento and Rice set style dishes. They even have Shabu-Shabu and Sashimi as well. We recommend their inventive sushi roll dishes which are quite reasonably priced and fresh. For appetisers you cannot go wrong with a salad or Chawan Mushi.
Beppu Menkan also dishes up their version of a stir-fry ramen, and one that caught our attention is the Garlic Noodle with Spicy Chicken. At first sight it may just look like spaghetti egg noodles, however the noodles are infused with aromatic garlic and this is what makes this dish distinctive. 

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